On Saturday,  Mugiwara Dani, Perzeval, Cimeas and two other people whose names I can't remember did Sorrow's Embrace, veritably destroying every single boss, including the dreaded 5-stage golem 'tsunami', a challenge that supposedly took Ry "three hours" to overcome. 

Bored on Saturday evening, Cim then decided to have a 'group' screenshot, and about 13 people decided to show up in Lion's Arch, where we scaled the cliffs until we reached the diving board.  There we took numerous screenshots, but someone had turned into a Dredge Machine for most of them, so only 2 were actually suitable for the website.  

Then we took a picture by the beach, and though certain members baulked at Min's suggestion to strip their virtual characters down to their virtual underwear, eventually the prudes capitulated and the screenshots were taken.  

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